Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Handmade Picture Necklaces: Stuff I Do Sometimes Part 4

Handmade vintage style glass dome necklace

Handmade picture necklace with vintage-inspired image, antiqued brass, Czech crystals and pearls.

Hey folks. I’m back with another “Stuff I Do Sometimes” installment, and today I figured I’d show some more of my old jewelry. These pieces are from a couple of years ago. I’d seen a lot of picture necklaces (or glass dome necklaces) on Etsy and I decided to give it a try myself. To make the pendant you take an image and seal it under a glass cabochon (or dome) with a clear glaze.
Victorian hot air balloon picture necklace
I have to be honest and say that making the pendants wasn’t the easiest task in the world. You have to apply the glaze to the bottom of the cab carefully to avoid creating air bubbles, which will show up over your image and ruin it. Then you have to flip the cab over (along with the glaze) and position it perfectly over your image without spilling the glaze or creating more air bubbles, and if you don’t place it correctly the first time you can’t reposition it; you’ll have to start all over again. Or at least that was my experience. I was a complete noob to the process and I haven’t done any more since, so I don’t have a whole lot of experience. People who make these all the time have no doubt developed techniques that keep it from being so nervewracking. And despite my distaste for the process, I have to admit the end product is impressive. Seeing the image through the glass is like looking through some kind of jewel. I can see why picture necklaces are so popular.

Butterfly nebula picture necklace

If you’re interested in trying out a picture necklace project yourself, I recommend getting your supplies from Sun and Moon Craft Kits on Etsy. That’s where I bought my glass cabs and glaze. A google search for “picture necklace tutorial” will bring up a ton of helpful articles to get you started. If you need pictures, my 1-inch bottle cap images are the perfect size for the 25mm glass cabochons. I’ve picked some out below.

Monogram letters bottle cap imagesVintage angels bottle cap imagesCreepy cute heart skull bottle cap imagessun bottle cap imagesFairy bottle cap imagesOwl bottle cap imageswhimsical bird bottle cap images
1 inch printable bottle cap images that will also work as images for picture necklaces. Buy them here.


Crown, moth and balloon images in the first two pendants courtesy of Vintagevectors.com.

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