Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Printable Halloween Invitations

I’ve got some new custom printable Halloween invitations and a few other Halloween party printables up for sale in the shop. These invitations can be customized with your party info; just follow the Customization Instructions on the product page and I’ll get your customizations done for you. I’ll be hard at work for the next couple of weeks working on more Halloween stuff, so keep an eye on this page and stay tuned for new goodies!

Printable haunted house Halloween invitationHaunted House Printable Halloween Invitations – BUY NOW – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

A digital Halloween invite card featuring a creepy haunted house with flying bats and a full moon on an orange background.


Printable Halloween Invitations - Witch on BroomFlying Witch Printable Halloween Invitations – BUY NOW – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

This printable Halloween invitation features a silhouette of a witch on a broom flying in front of a full moon, along with a modern black and gray chevron pattern border.


Printable Gothic Halloween Party InvitationsGothic Halloween Invitation – BUY NOW – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

A dark and elegant Halloween party invitation with skulls, spiderwebs and damask with decorative floral swirls and checkerboard borders.


More Halloween Party Printables

Here are a few more Halloween printables, including cupcake wrappers, flags, labels and printable Halloween masquerade masks.

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers Printable Halloween Bunting Banner Flags Spider Damask Halloween Cupcake Wrappers Printable Halloween Labels - Spider Damask Halloween Flags - Damask Spider Party Decorations Gothic Halloween Masquerade Mask Printable Halloween Mask Printable Masquerade Butterfly Mask - Pink Printable Masquerade Butterfly Mask - Gold Printable Masquerade Butterfly Mask - Purple

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Free Printable Wall Art: Flying Bird

Hey. Guess what? It’s time for more FREE STUFF – some free printable wall art, to be exact. This is an 8×10 print of a flying yellow bird. It’s a high quality 300dpi JPEG. Just print it out, pop it into a frame and stick it on your wall. Easy and cheap. We like easy and cheap.

First, the legalese: This image is for personal, non-commercial use only. Do not sell or redistribute it or use it in any commercial projects. If you’d like to share it with others, please direct them to this page so they can download a copy.

NOTE: The colors in the preview image on the download page tend to be off, but rest assured the actual download will look much better.

Free printable wall art - mod flying bird


Wanna See More?

I’ve got a whole series of these bird prints perched on my hard drive. I may or may not be considering releasing these lovely creatures into the skies so that they may light upon your walls like … like cheesy, overly long metaphors that I don’t feel like finishing. So if you like this print and you want to see more, please feel free to pound incessantly on my door so I can threaten you with more free stuff.

Tell Your Friends!

Like the freebies? Share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever platform you choose and let your friends know what they’re missing. Thanks, and enjoy!

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Leopard Print Cupcake Wrappers

Happy Friday, folks! I’ve added three new sets of printable leopard print cupcake wrappers to the shop. Each set comes with four different wrappers with leopard spot patterns and stripes. I’m hoping I can go from this to full leopard party printable sets, but that’ll have to wait a little while since I’m trying to get a jump on Halloween stuff right now (yeah, I’m running behind as always).

So far I’ve got these wrappers in hot pink, blue and brown. I’d like to add more colors in the future, but I’m not really sure what colors to go with next. If anybody has any suggestions for some popular colors (or color combos) that are more likely to sell, I’d love to hear them. Sound off in the comments below!

Printable Leopard Print Cupcake Wrappers - Hot PinkHot Pink Leopard Pattern Cupcake Wrappers – BUY NOW – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Printable Leopard Skin Cupcake Wrappers - BlueBlue Leopard Skin Cupcake Wrappers – BUY NOW – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Printable Leopard Print Cupcake Wrappers - BrownBrown Leopard Print Cupcake Wrappers – BUY NOW – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

More Cupcake Wrappers

Pink Cowgirl Cupcake Wrappers Damask Spider Halloween Cupcake Wrappers Blue Damask Cupcake Wrappers Pink Gray Cupcake Wrappers Blue and Orange Cupcake Wrappers Printable Nautical Cupcake Wrappers Printable Strawberry Cupcake Wrappers Baseball Cupcake Wrappers Pink Princess Cupcake Wrappers Halloween Cupcake Wrappers Blue Patterns Modern Cupcake Wrappers Blue and Gray Chevron Stripe Cupcake Wrappers Printable Yellow and Gray Cupcake Wrappers Pink Patterns Cupcake Wrappers Yellow and Black Damask Cupcake Wrappers Pink and Black Damask Cupcake Wrappers


Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

36 Links Every Etsy Seller Should Bookmark: Promote Your Etsy Shop

Etsy shop promotion tips


CALLING ALL ETSY SELLERS. I’ve got an Etsy shop. You’ve got an Etsy shop. I’m sure we’ve all sat in front of our computers for too many hours, heads swimming and eyes reddening as we’ve googled our lives away looking for ways to promote those shops. Well, google no more; I’ve compiled this big fat list of 36 articles and blog posts packed full of useful tips and guidance that’ll help you kick your Etsy shop promotion into high gear.

One word of advice while reading these articles: Read the comments too. Often readers will chime in with their own valuable insights. I can’t count how many times I’ve scrolled down to an article’s comment section and found that the feedback was almost as helpful as the actual article. Now, on to the list:

  1. Promote your Etsy Shop with WordPress
  2. Top 40 LOW BUDGET Advertising and Promotion Ideas For Etsy Sellers
  3. The Best Blogging Strategies for Promoting an Etsy Shop
  4. 5 Ways Etsy Sellers Get Social Media Wrong
  5. 5 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop with Pinterest
  6. Top 5 Twitter Tips for Stress-Free Tweeting
  7. Top 10 Marketing Tips From Full-Time Etsy Sellers
  8. 12 ways to promote your Etsy shop
  9. How to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Facebook
  10. How to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Social Media
  11. Why Etsy and Email Marketing Go Hand in Hand
  12. 10 Tips for Marketing Your Etsy Shop to International Buyers
  13. Should You Offer Free Shipping in Your Etsy Store?
  14. Tips from Successful Blogs Driving Etsy Sales
  15. Pro Tips for Video Marketing your Online Handmade Shop
  16. Decoded: Analyzing Etsy Success Tips
  17. How to Gain More Etsy Exposure by Adding Listings
  18. Etsy Success – How to Promote Your Shop
  19. Promote Your Etsy Shop – Join A Treasury Team!
  20. 7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Shop on Etsy
  21. Five Insider Secrets (and then some) for New Etsy Sellers
  22. How to: 5 simple free way to promote your etsy shop
  23. How to Promote Your Etsy Shop Through Your Blog
  24. Guide to Social Media Marketing for Etsy Stores
  25. Start a Blog to Promote Your Shop
  26. How to Grow Your Etsy Online Business
  27. How to Get Your Product on the Front Page of Etsy
  28. You don’t own your Etsy shop. Etsy does.
  29. Selling Handmade ~ Promoting Your Etsy Shop
  30. Taking Your Etsy Shop to the Next Level – Part 2: Marketing & Advertising
  31. How Not To Get Sales On Etsy
  32. How to Get Etsy Shops Featured on a Blog
  33. Marketing For Your Etsy Shop– Earning on Etsy
  34. How to: Advertise your Etsy Shop on Twitter
  35. Pinterest Tips to Increase Etsy Shop Traffic

    Now cue the fanfare, because I saved the biggest and best for last:

    This article is as astounding as it is long. Each tip is a testimonial from an individual Etsy seller, and there’s enough marketing gold there to keep you reading for a good while. (For some reason the url says “5-tips-to-market-your-etsy-store” but trust me, there’s a bit more than 5 tips on that page.)

That does it for me, but now it’s your turn. Do you have any Etsy promotion tips or resources to share? Sound off in the comments below!

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